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LX Capital is a real estate developer company founded in 2016. LX Capital develops rehabilitation projects in privileged areas and follows sustainable practices and high-quality construction.


We believe in rehabilitation in the centre of the city as the most sustainable form of developing real estate projects and that which creates the best real estate assets, where unique projects and unrepeatable locations provide the best quality of life and the best investment.


We must invest, design and construct prioritizing rehabilitation and reuse. We intend to recover and rescue the city heritage, making buildings more efficient and building homes oriented towards harmony, well-being, health, and happiness.
What moves us

What moves us

Build unique homes that bring well-being and happiness to its residents.
Rehabilitate the city and make it more beautiful and sustainable.
Recover the built patrimony.
Reduce the impact of our activity, prioritizing rehabilitation, and reuse.
Create real estate assets with resilient value.

We believe in rehabilitation as the most sustainable form of developing real estate projects, considering the substitution of sick and inefficient buildings and the construction with waste reduction through the recuperation of existing structures, the reutilization of materials and the reuse and recycling of demolished materials.


With our interventions, we intend to requalify the city with respect for the existing, the tradition and the heritage, but contribute towards a more comfortable and sustainable city.


Therefore, we concentrate on rehabilitating old buildings and new construction on old industrial spaces or empty urban areas, in city centres at premium areas taking the most out of the privileged locations.


We are convinced that to achieve these objectives a transversal approach to architecture and engineering is necessary, in which projects are developed since the definition of the base program with an approach supported by principles and rules of well-being, environment, architecture and engineering, alongside knowledge of the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of the spaces and the interests and demands of society. This approach, based on the experience and competencies of a specialized and dedicated team, differentiates us from the market and allows us to develop a product that has value over time, independent of market moments and economic phenomena.


We concentrate our investments in unique and irreplaceable locations where, with a correct architectural and engineering approach, we can create high-value assets, resistant to market conditions. In our projects, we care that clients, whether investors or residents, always have their investment defended with a potential of increase in value, being able to monetize or use it, valuing it or passing the value on to the next generations.

Our projects are developed based on an orientation that promotes the well-being of occupants, with a holistic approach that considers all aspects and details of the project and its surroundings. This preoccupation is reflected in the WELL certification that we seek to integrate into our projects and is part of our guidelines and policies.

Our team

Our team

Vital Segurado


A civil engineer with over 30 years' experience in the construction sector, working as a site manager, production manager and administrator. He has a postgraduate degree in Real Estate Analysis and Investment and attended the Executive Management Programme at Universidade Católica, which allows him to combine very solid and experienced technical skills with knowledge of the real estate market and investment project management.
He manages and coordinates architectural projects, engineering projects and construction work. He is the Operations man and has so much experience on site that, if necessary, he will take over the work if the construction companies do badly.

André Riscado

Founder & CEO

André has more than 20 years' experience in the infrastructure, construction and property sectors, where he has been a director of several infrastructure concession companies, construction companies and various property projects. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Aveiro, but has mainly worked in business development and project structuring, with additional training in management (Católica Business School), Real Estate Management and Finance (ISCTE) and Real Estate Law (Catholic University).
He is our commander-in-chief and focuses on finding new projects, structuring and designing them. He loves developing property projects despite being very conservative. He is obsessed with sustainability and contributing to reducing the environmental impact of property.

Leonor Dantas

CFO | Senior Financial Advisor

In her investment banking career, she has participated in more than 200 completed transactions in various geographies, involving investors from more than 10 nationalities.
As well as dealing with the financial side of LX Capital, she has held various positions on Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors as a non-executive director.
She has a degree in business administration from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and has attended the Advanced Programme for Non-Executive Directors (IPCG) and the Strategic Management in Banking Programme (INSEAD).
Leonor is super organised and always has a to-do list of what everyone has to do. She tries to ensure the smooth running of LX Capital by holding everyone to account and ensuring that we fulfil our obligations and responsibilities.

Rafael Rossi

Strategic board

Rafael has more than 20 years' experience in project finance and infrastructure companies in Portugal and Brazil. He is Brazilian, but has lived in Portugal for many years and knows Lisbon better than most.
Rafael has an incredible ability to understand business and a strong competence in identifying the risks of investment projects and questioning business plans. His opinion is an additional comfort for our decision making.

Eduardo Abreu

Strategic board

Eduardo has been working in the field of tourism consultancy for over 20 years. He is a founding partner and CEO of Neoturis, a company specialising in tourism consultancy. He is chairman of the Urban Land Institute in Portugal and a member of its European Resort and Hotel Council.
Eduardo is probably one of the people who knows the most about tourism and tourism property in Portugal and the huge number of projects he has studied and advised on in Portugal means that he knows the reality very well. Although he doesn't have a driving licence, he knows Portugal and the city of Lisbon very well.
His vast experience allows him to offer a very well-supported critical opinion on property investment projects and he enriches the discussion with figures and examples.

Responsability and governance

ESG Policies

LX Capital believes in the power that the total and complete commitment of companies to the highest standards of business practices and ethics can bring to society.

For that reason, we hold ourselves and the companies in our portfolio responsible, and accountable to our investors, the beneficiaries of our projects and accountable to our stakeholders, with particular attention to society and cities. We aim to achieve the best possible returns for our investors, but we believe that the introduction of social, environmental and governance considerations in business decisions is the responsible approach to invest, which translates, also, into better products for our clients.


Environmental, social and governance principles (“ESG”) are an integral part of LX Capital’s investment process, strategy and project management.


LX Capital is committed to ensuring that its businesses and developments are environmentally responsible, promote the efficient use of scarce resources and favour the use of technologies that allow for the least environmental impact of our projects.


LX Capital projects have particular attention towards the quality of life and health conditions for those who will live in our buildings and consider neighbouring communities as stakeholders who are critical for the success of our projects.

LX Capital is a safe and collaborative workplace, without any type of discrimination and where we aim to create rewarding employment opportunities that contribute to the responsible professional and human development of people, regardless of their origin or identity.


LX Capital projects are managed with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect, through appropriate institutional structures to support good governance. We disclose our activity and our ESG policies, publicly and effectively, to our investors, clients and all interested parties. Our investment decisions are analysed and monitored by a Strategic Committee, which verifies compliance with ESG policies, namely concerning governance rules and concerns.


The biggest intervention in terms of sustainability that we can make is to invest in the rehabilitation and recuperation of existing buildings.


The objective is always to improve the conditions of buildings, maintaining, recovering, and reusing, whenever possible, structures, constructions and materials.


With the  Condes de Caria project, we began our intention to certify all projects with WELL certification. This certification puts inhabitants and their well-being at the centre of consideration. Carefully monitoring the impacts of the spaces on health and well-being throughout the entire process allows us to promote positive effects and mitigate potential fewer positive impacts. The WELL certification process involves a holistic approach to the elements of the built environment, through seven concepts: Air, Water, Nutrition, Lighting, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.

Condes de Caria will be the first residential development in Portugal with this certification.

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